About Sylvie

a woman in a black dress posing in front of a pink and purple background

Sylvie is an award winning choreographer and dancer located in San Diego, CA. Sylvie started teaching dance classes at 13 years old. She spent most of her adolescence around her passion, teaching dance to low income communities where dance is inaccessible. At only 16 she was a teen board member and teacher at the non profit, Everybody Dance Now! Now known as the Creative Network. She has taught in classes in Washington State, Costa Rica, and throughout California. Once she was in college, Sylvie decided to bring a new style of dance to California Polytechnic University, HEELS. Her passion for this art form has been recognized by the California Senate and Legislature for her skills, receiving an award for Outstanding Art Scholar in 2015. She has also received County recognition for her choreography three years in a row for 'Best Choreography'. She was part of the Santa Barbara Dance Arts Company for over 6 years. She has been dancing on stage since the age of two. At 17, Sylvie almost had to quit the dance industry entirely after being diagnosed with a rare bone condition. After losing 80% of her flexibility, she learned how to listen to her body and relearn how to dance in a way that felt good to her. Sylvie was professionally trained at California Summer School of the Arts (major in dance) where she was mentored by Krenly Guzman and Gregory Dawson. Cal Poly University SLO, Pulse Dance Convention, Santa Barbara Dance Arts and Momentum Dance Company. Furthermore, Sylvie has expert experience in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom, and Hip Hip. It is Sylvie’s dream to make dance accessible to all, and create an environment that sparks community over competition.

Credits: Bumble BFF, California Polytechnic University SLO, Bigger Dreams Co., Delīan, Ferinni 41, Laurentis, Harlem Globetrotters, and SHE ENTERTAINMENT

Sylvie’s Work