Baddie Hip Hop


Our first baddie Hip Hop Camp!

Embark on a dynamic journey with our Hip Hop Bootcamp! Unleash your performance potential as you dive into the vibrant world of street choreography, mastering moves, and honing your stage presence. Elevate your skills through collaborative team efforts, fostering a supportive community. Capture the essence of your experience by creating a cutting-edge concept video, immersing yourself in the pulse of the dance scene. Join us for an empowering fusion of skill-building, teamwork, and creativity!


Rehearsals: Fridays Feb 9th-23rd 8-10pm


Shoot day: February 25th 11:30-3:30pm in LA


Only 21 spots available!


Video with Redllama Media


Choreographer/Director: Aleya Abeshima


Aleya has competed in WOD and HHI competitions. She is currently a member of GwownUps, a Hip Hop Company located here in San Diego!

a collage of photos of a dark room with neon lights