Join our Floorwork Competition Team!

Starts March 1st

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Welcome to our first competition season! We are so excited to have you. Please read carefully to make sure you can commit!

Introducing the Floorwork Competition Team!

Get ready to unleash your creativity and showcase your floorwork skills with our intensive Competition Prep workshop! From March 1st to March 22nd, every Friday from 8pm to 10pm, join us as we dive deep into the world of competitions and prepare for the virtual Pole Sport Organization Competition on April 13th and 14th. You will film your submissions on March 23rd— times will be designated.

Led by our experienced director, Alyssa, a first place medalist in Pole & floorwork. This group intensive will focus on technique in pleasers, mock competitions, and the choreography of your solos. Alyssa will guide you through every step, helping you choose the perfect song and refining your performance to meet the judge's criteria.

In this virtual competition, you'll have a chance to perform your solo from the comfort of your own home and gain valuable experience in a competitive setting. If you discover a passion for competing, we have even more in store for you! We'll work on perfecting your solos for a live competition in LA which will be on September 14-15th. The Live Comp entry fee is $155 per person.

Please note that this competition is exclusively for floorwork in pleasers. To participate, you'll need to purchase a pair of 7-inch minimum heels and ensure your routine meets the judge's criteria. The deadline to register for the competition is March 13th, and there is a $60 entry fee.

Invest in your passion for floorwork and join in our Competition Prep workshop for $280 per person. Additionally, for personalized attention and tailored guidance, you have the option to book private sessions with Alyssa for $100 each. Payment plans for the intensive will be available. Privates are expected to be paid in full.

Take the leap, unleash your creativity, and let your floorwork skills shine in the exciting world of pole competitions with our Competition Team!

You will be required to participate in the prep intensive which includes 4 (2 hour) sessions, A Mock Competition with judges, team bonding event and film and edit of your submission! Reminder you will be representing Certified Baddie in competitions and utmost professionalism is expected! You will be responsible to entry fees, pleasers, and costuming.

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March 16th 8-10pm

March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th


DM @certifiedbaddiestudio or @_ahleesah_ with any questions